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The Concerned Kids educates children through the uniquely engaging art of puppetry, empowering young people to make smarter and kinder choices, and further enabling schools and communities to become safer places to live, learn and play.
J. McCallum, Teacher

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Our Bullying Prevention Program helps students identify bullying situations and offers strategies to help them stand up for themselves and others. We explore the importance of expressing our feelings, talking about our problems and working together to resolve disagreements in a constructive and considerate way. We strive to educate children about the issue of bullying, to promote sensitivity toward peers, and to provide strategies to help children cope with and avoid bullying situations. 

”I know how it feels to be bullied because I was bullied last year when I was in Grade 4. A girl in my class would always pull my hat down and throw it on the floor.  Once she did it for a month.  After watching the show, I was able to tell my bully to ‘STOP.’  When I did, she said ‘SORRY,’ and I said, ‘t’s OK’ so we became best friends.  I loved the puppet show. It was amazing! I remember, “Treat people the way you want to be treated. Don’t bully people because of their looks, gender, or country.”  It’s great that we have the Concerned Kids, so it teaches kids important things like what to do when you get bullied and why not to bully!” 

A Quote From Samira

Meet the Kids: Valerie Perkins

14-year-old Valerie Perkins is friendly, outgoing and energetic. She’s a very bright student with a flair for organization, and her friends can always count on her for homework help- she’s an awesome study buddy! Valerie is also a member of the cheerleading squad at her school. She loves cheerleading because it gives her the opportunity to share her positive energy and be active at the same time. Valerie is very mature for her age. She knows who she is and what she likes, and she isn’t afraid to stand up to peer pressure when other kids encourage her to do stuff she isn’t into- like partying and doing drugs. Valerie is a devoted friend and she gives great advice. When her friend Joanne is feeling pressured to go to a party where she might be tempted to drink or try drugs, Valerie helps her find the confidence to stand up for herself.

Valerie has spina bifida, which means she was born with an opening in one of the vertebrae in her spine. Because of her spina bifida, Valerie has minimal feeling in her hips and upper legs and no feeling in her lower legs. As a young child, Valerie spent a lot of time with a physical therapist, who helped her learn to walk using braces and a walker. Now she is able to walk using only her braces and crutches. Valerie can do all of the things other kids her age do, but she enjoys cheerleading and shopping the most!

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Gender Expression & Family Diversity Program

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Our Gender Expression and Family Diversity Program explores concepts like gender-based stereotyping and modern variations on the nuclear family through fun and relatable storylines. By inviting young people to consider their preconceived notions about gender and family, we strive to foster caring and inclusive school environments where all kids are free to be themselves.  

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