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The Concerned Kids is a small charity that makes a big difference. This unique non-profit organization, incorporated in 1989, uses a non-threatening, factual, unbiased, entertaining medium of interactive, educational puppetry to introduce a number of sensitive topics to elementary school aged children (6–14).

Its current program rotation of 23 scripts, addresses such topics as: mental health, bullying prevention, peer pressure, substance abuse, accepting differences, autism spectrum disorder, safety lessons, life lessons, cyber bullying, vandalism & graffiti prevention, and understanding consent. These programs explore relevant social issues that are faced by young people on a daily basis and are of concern to them.

An “Accepted TDSB Educational Partner” these interactive puppet performances are available to all school boards, private schools and community groups in Toronto and the surrounding GTA. Puppetry is an excellent medium to reach young people because the listeners are not intimidated, as they might be by an adult. Children and youth relate to what the life-size puppets are experiencing and it is easier for them to absorb the information, knowledge and life skills that is being presented. Our puppets portray incidents from their own lives with a big dash of humour, while still offering useful knowledge and skills. In today’s digital world, young people do not stop being mesmerized, watching real people manipulating puppets – not just another screen.


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TCK 2018 Fall-Winter Newsletter

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The Concerned Kids is an affiliate and limited licensee of The Kids on the Block Incorporated, Columbia, Maryland, USA.*

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The Concerned Kids featured on Susan Hay’s “Making a Difference” segment for GlobalTV


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