Voice Project​: Challenging Systemic Racism 

In 2020, TCK launched the Voice Project to explore Anti-Black Racism within the school system. Using an arts-based approach and interactive puppetry, we facilitated meaningful conversations with racialize children in the Greater Toronto Area. Our arts-based approach allows us to tackle the serious subject matter of systemic racism. We create a safe and comfortable space where children can share their experiences of discrimination.

Our Approach

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Our day starts with a welcome and introduction to our Puppet Pals. The puppets will provide an overview of the session with the children. Our artist facilitator will then ask the participants to open their art kits. The artists will facilitate a customizable art experience with the students while asking them about their experiences with racism in the educational system. A visual recording artist will then capture the statements in a visual representation. The session will last for 90 minutes. 


Following the session, a report is then submitted to the school with any relevant findings and recommendations.

Our Results

 In our recent intervention, we worked with children over 6 weeks to develop art-based projects exploring their feelings.  These projects included a comic strip, a animated short film and the creation of a new puppet character.



for the times

Our programs are offered virtually to home-school and in-school classes. Bring us into your virtual classroom or through your smart-board. This way we can adhere to safety protocols and keep kids safe.

  • 1 artist facilitators per session

  • 1 puppeteer per session

  • 1 evaluation consultant

  • 1 visual recording artist

  • 120 minutes session

  • 1 customize art-based kit with all materials for participation

  • 1 final report on key feedback

  • TCK Funsplosion

What's Included


for the students and educators


with a purpose

Our programs not only educate kids, keep them engaged, and reduce their social

isolation, they also provide parents and educators with a much-deserved break.

Our goal is to arm students with the necessary skills for healthy social development, and to empower young people to fulfill their potential as successful and

contributing adults.

How it Works

  • Bring us in to your classroom using your smart board

  • Invite us to your Google Classroom, with up to 75 children participants and 5 educators

  • Our facilitators will manage the exercise.

  • A final report will be drafted by the evaluator.

Contact us so that we can customize your experience.​

A minimum of 10 students required.