Virtual Puppetry Performances

The Concerned Kids’ education curriculum uses a non-threatening medium of interactive puppetry to introduce a number of sensitive topics to elementary school aged children and community organizations all over the city of Toronto and the surrounding GTA.  We empower young people through the creative medium of puppetry. In order to stay relevant with what students face on a daily basis, The Concerned Kids has adjusted its programming to better align to the realities of School Curriculums.

Children in Library

Accepting Differences

The Accepting Differences Program encourages students to respect and embrace each other’s unique abilities. The scripts explore some of the ways that people can be different, providing examples of physical differences (visual impairment and cerebral palsy), learning differences (ADHD), and developmental differences (autism). Students are reminded that everyone has different strengths and challenges and that we all have our own ways of learning and achieving our goals.

Bullying Prevention

Our Bullying Prevention Program helps students identify bullying situations and offers strategies to help them stand up for themselves and others. We explore the importance of expressing our feelings, talking about our problems, and working together to resolve disagreements in a constructive and considerate way. We strive to educate children about bullying, promote sensitivity toward peers, and provide strategies to help children cope with and avoid bullying situations.

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Caring Child

COVID-19 Safety

In Staying Safe During COVID-19, our puppet friends share essential tips on staying safe during the pandemic. This program reiterates public health messages and normalizes social distancing and health protocols. This program is ideal for younger viewers.

This program is best suited for

Junior Kindergarten

Senior Kindergarten

Grade 1

Grade 2


Home School

Cyber Bullying

Our Cyber Bullying program finds our puppets confronting bullying on the internet. Our puppets discuss the impacts of cyberbullying and ways to combat cyberbullying. The puppets also connect our young audience with support services in the school and community.​This program is ideal for children 7+.

Online Class

Cyber Safety

Kids are spending more time online. In Cyber Safety, the puppet characters discuss ways to stay safe while spending time online. This program is ideal for all ages.

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Mental Health

Our Mental Health Program focuses on the importance of expressing our emotions and confiding in people that we trust. These scripts provide students with tools to help them foster and maintain a healthy state of mind. 

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What's Included:

Each performance includes:

  • Live Puppeteers

  • 30 minute show on a topic of choice

  • 15 minute Q & A with the puppet

How it Works

  • Bring us in to your classroom using your smart board

  • Invite us to your Google Classroom, with up to 75 children participants and 5 educators