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June 2021 Setlist


Cyber Safety- Harmful Content Online

Audience age: 8 years and younger

Starring: John and Clare Sanchez


Clare accidentally stumbles upon content that makes her uncomfortable. At first, she wasn't sure what to do. She enlists the help of her big brother John to solve the problem. Together, they implement safety controls on her computer and let their Mom know what happened. 



Cyber Safety- Harmful Conduct Online

Audience age: General (6-12 years old)

Starring: Jason Robinson and Renaldo Rodriguez 

After Jason begins his own online blog, he receives many supportive comments from his friends. Unfortunately, Jason also encounters an online troll who makes fun of the way he dresses. With the help of Renaldo, Jason learns how to use the block button to silence the internet bullies.


Mental Health- Feelings are Important with Mark and Melody

Audience age: Primary (K-Grade 1)

Starring: Mark Reily and Melody James

Theme: Expressing Feelings


Mark and Melody have a school project to complete. Mark is having trouble completing his ‘Feelings are Important’ assignment. Melody has written a song about expressing her feelings. The two friends work together to help Mark become inspired about the importance of expressing his feelings.


Accepting Differences- Campers

Audience age: General (Ages 6-10)

Starring: Renaldo Rodriguez and Mark Reily 


Mark and Renaldo both have exceptionalities that make them unique. Renaldo is legally blind, and Mark has Cerebral Palsy. Mark is planning a camping trip, but he is afraid to tell Renaldo about it because he assumes that Renaldo cannot go. Mark and Renaldo have a conversation about how they can both do many of the same things, but in a different way!

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