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Puppetry with Purpose - Exploring literacy in early years by animating important stories for children ages 2-6

TCK Reads! takes story time to another level! This program uses the magic of storytelling to explore ideas, emotions and sometimes sensitive topics. TCK’s enchanting puppets lead lively and meaningful conversations with the children, helping them understand and express their feelings, thoughts, and dreams.

What's Included:

Our virtual performances include:

  • 1 puppeteer reading live

  • Reading for 30 minutes

  • 15 minutes Q&A with the puppets

  • TCK Funsplosion Magazine

How it Works

  • Bring us in to your classroom using your smart board

  • Invite us to your Google Classroom, with up to 75 children participants and 5 educators

  • You choose the book and our puppet will read it live.

  • Our puppet will then facilitate a conversation on the live reading.