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Mondays at 7:00 PM  starting April 12, 2021

TCK’s 5-week virtual interactive Puppeteer Workshop is designed for amateur puppeteers of all skill levels. Whether you’ve never picked up a puppet before or you’re looking to enhance your abilities, this course will help you work towards mastering your basic puppetry skills.


Facilitators will lead you in weekly 1.5 hour interactive sessions highlighting the fundamentals of puppetry with a focus on Hand/Glove and Bunraku style performance. Each week will cover the details and nuances of important puppeteering skills for live and video performance such as Entrances and Exits, Height & Position, Lip Synchronization, Eye Contact, Believable Actions, Voice & Character, and more. Puppeteers will also have the chance to perform for the class if they wish and receive on the spot feedback from the instructor. Reserve your spot today to be part of the ever-growing puppetry community and get ready to bring your puppets to life! 


Week 1: Introduction

This week participants will learn the basics about bringing their puppet to life. Our facilitator will lead the group in a lesson on eye contact and focus, head attitudes (conveying emotion), puppeteer stretching practises, and body positioning.


Week 2: Star Power

This week, participants will enhance their puppet's stage presence with a lesson on height & position, believable actions; walking/entrances/exits (screen and stage).


Week 3: Finding your Puppets Voice

During this lesson, participants will continue to develop their puppet's personality by learning how to synch their speech to their puppets mouth. The facilitator will guide the group in the important skill of lip synchronization, breath and finding your puppet’s voice.

Week 4: Movement

Participants will explore full body puppet manipulation with a highlight on Bunraku style techniques, rod useage and the incorporation of props. Facilitators will guide you through how to maximize the use of your puppet’s whole body for both live and virtual performances.


Week 5: Setting the scene

This week, participants will learn the art of setting the scene through set design, puppeteer clothing (stage and screen), Improv; sharing the stage/screen, co-stars, performing, and feedback.

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