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.me 26. Express Service Express Service is a revolutionary text and data extraction service. If you need to automate data collection from external sources, Express Service will take your data from the web and connect it to your ERP/CRM/Ecommerce system. This way you get ready-to-use data that can be easily connected to your accounting software. 27. 4C Group 4C Group develops, installs, and maintains the world's most powerful e-commerce, B2B, and e-marketing platforms. 4C Cloud's suite of e-business software solutions enable companies to engage their customers, partners, employees, and shareholders via email, web, and mobile. 28. Outlook Anywhere Outlook Anywhere is an email messaging application. It allows users to carry their email messages and contacts with them, regardless of the devices or operating systems they use. 29. Turnkey Solutions Turnkey Solutions is a web based service that offers clients with full turn-key solutions. You do not have to purchase a retail store or a payment gateway to accept credit card payments. The company is integrated with business systems that are part of their turnkey solution. 30. HelloCMS HelloCMS is an open-source website content management system. It is completely PHP based and allows to create fully functional e-commerce and content management systems. 31. is a completely web-based B2B sales and business solution. You can log in with any device and do all the things you need to do to sell your products and services. You can track leads, manage inventory, assign tasks, share invoices, and much more. 32. E2 OpenSource E2 OpenSource is an open-source platform designed to help you create self-service digital kiosks to boost efficiency and save time. The software is perfect for digital services, customer relations, and loyalty programs. 33. Invoicing Solution Invoicing Solution offers a full range of online tools for e-invoicing and remote



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