Puppet Pals

TCK’s Puppet Pals Experience is a 4-week creative interactive safe space through virtual workshops designed to combat feelings of loneliness and isolation, and encourage positive thinking, goal setting, positive friendship skills, communication skills and empathy. 


Weekly facilitators will lead fun art-based activities including a Cate & Levi Hand Puppet Kit suitable for participants age 7 - 12 years while also exploring various mindfulness and social themes youth face on a daily basis. Every session will begin with a sing-a-long/movement exercise to warm-up the group followed by a puppet character engagement discussing the weekly program themed session, then circle share with the group, finishing the experience with creative DIY crafts.

What's included in your kit?


  • Each Kit includes Everything needed to make a one-of-a-kind Cate and Levi Hand Puppe

  • Premium Reclaimed Wool, Detailed Instructions and Pattern

  • Hand Sewing Needle and Thread

  • Signature Eyes

  • Admission for your child to attend our private zoom workshop

Puppet Pals