Hey Youth!

We've heard you are interested in our programs. So we've started developing some cool art-based programs for you to participate in during COVID-19.

We know COVID has been isolating.  Our programs are offered virtually. This way we can adhere to safety protocols and keep everyone safe.

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Painter Illustrating

Bring your own materials

Already have your paint supplies? 

You can join the class with our bring your option.  Meet new people while we adhere to social distancing protocols.  Our artist will facilitate the painting of a picture via Zoom.  Your ticket includes admission to one class.

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In this virtual series, participants will expand their current concepts of painting as we explore different types of paint, different brushes, different canvasses, and different mixing mediums. This classes not only provides different materials that you may have never thought to use for painting, it also shows you how to take the things in your environment and bring them into your painting practice.


Each painting class encourages participants to be involved in communicating their ideas with each other, because after all, sharing new ideas is how we all grow as artists and as people! After learning about different things that can be used as paint, brushes, canvasses, and mixing mediums, participants will have the opportunity to create a final project that incorporates all of the new ideas that were explored during the class.


This is a 6-week program.  Ideal for those 13 years to 16 years old.


Join us and learn how to develop your own unique artist style! No experience needed.


What's included in your kit?


  • A paint kit  that includes 5 x 75ml primary paint colours: White, Black,  Blue, Red & Yellow; 4 brush variety pack, 6 16x20 primed canvas, a 15" cardboard display easel

  • Secure admission to attend our private zoom workshop


​How do I get my kit?

Your kit will be shipped to your front door with all of the supplies that you will need to participate in the virtual camp programs. ​

How do I access the virtual workshop?

TCK hosts our virtual workshops on Zoom.  A few days before your workshops, we will send you a secure link with a password to access the workshops.  Doing this allows us to keep everyone safe.