TCK Immersive Puppetry Program: Drag Arts

Drag is an artform that allows self expression, joy and acceptance. It is connected to politics, sexuality, gender, race and religion. It is connected to everything we go through as humans. It helps strengthen compassion and empathy to see someone shining and being proud as themselves. 

Drag performers play a role in educating people about gender roles and stereotypes. Drag performers have a very special opportunity to think outside the box and let their inner creativity shine. People brighten the lives of those around them when they live authentically and here at the Drag Academy, we believe we are giving an opportunity for our participants to live their best lives and shine brightly. 

During times of crisis and global pandemics, having a creative outlet to express ourselves is very valuable. Drag allows people to process their emotions and thoughts through a beautiful colourful lens of acceptance and self love. Drag shows strength and positivity within ourselves that we perhaps did not realize we had before. Drag is a reminder to be kind to people who may be different from you and states that love, self love and love of others is one of the most important parts about living.

This fall TCK is partnering with the Drag Academy to bring their curriculum to our youth participants. For more information, visit the Drag Academy online at

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