Taking Risks

We all have that one moment in our childhood where we took a risk, a chance, a dare, tested boundaries. For some, there were many moments of feeling brave, and for others, there was one defining moment where we felt invincible. I still remember my moment, thirty-two years later. It was in a play barn, stacks of hay lining the walls and covering the floors. All around me, children of varying ages were jumping from the rafters into the crunchy bales of hay, laughing at the joy of letting go. I didn’t realize until that moment how anxious I was of heights, now faced with the need to jump many feet down. I remember standing on that edge, consumed by fear. I can’t remember what convinced me to jump, but I can relive every moment, second, of that drop to the floor. I felt joy that I had never experienced before. I was testing my boundaries and engaging in risky play. I was discovering what I was made of. I was brave.

Why am I sharing this? Because I wanted to share an activity my family recently discovered that embraces testing boundaries and encourages your children to engage in risky play – zip lining. This summer, I took my daughter to a local conservation area to try Tree Top Trekking. I had never been and didn’t really know what to expect. All I knew was that my daughter would be able to test her limits in a safe environment and have fun doing it.

The experience did not disappoint. The course is set up among the trees, about five to six feet about the ground, with many obstacles for the participants to navigate. Children are asked to take a leap a faith and trust their instincts, both of which are vital to their development. When there, I witnessed hesitation at first but bursting confidence with each lap. My family loved this adventure so much, we returned with friends a week later. I highly recommend this adventure for your next family outing.

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