St. Patrick's Day Fun

Some of my favourite days are those that are centred around a theme. Especially when that theme comes with colour. Saint Patrick’s Day fits both of those criteria. There are so many amazing activities that can be done to celebrate this special day, from meals to crafts to activities. Every year, my family starts our day with green pancakes and green fruit. If I am feeling adventurous, even a green drink. My daughter, Charlie, loves this! We pick out a special green outfit and get ready to celebrate. Last year, we made some green Ooblek and clover ‘stained glass’ to hang on our window. Ooblek is a wonderful material to explore solid and liquid concepts with children. The best part is that it only has two ingredients: cornstarch and water! To turn it green, you just need a drop of green food dye. Charlie loves the ooey gooeyness of Ooblek. For the clover ‘stained glass’, all you need is a coffee filter, markers, and spray bottle. Cut the filter into a clover shape and then have the child/ren colour anything they would like on it. Once finished, lightly spray water onto the filter to spread the markings. Then let it dry. Once it is dry, tape it onto a window and it is now ‘stained glass’!

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