Meet Tehya, An Up-and-Coming Canadian Artist

Tehya Castro is a budding singer/songwriter with whom TCK had a chance to interview. Her songs “Expectations,” and “Endless Drive,” have racked up hundreds of views on YouTube. When asked about what kind of music Tehya makes, she said, “I try my best to make each song unique and different from the last.” When it comes to putting her music into a genre, “I wouldn’t categorize my music into one genre, as I try to incorporate different styles of music into all my songs,” she told us.

Tehya incorporates a variety of instruments like the piano/keyboard, the guitar, the ukulele, and the drums to create her sound alongside her amazing vocals that she uses in a multitude of ways like pop, pop-rock, and melodic.

Filled with ambition and optimism for the future, she talks about what inspires her, what she wants to do with music, and why she loves it with all her heart. Read on to learn more about Tehya Castro, one of Canada’s hidden musical gems.


TCK: When did you get into music? What instruments did you start with?

TC: I’ve always been drawn to music ever since I was little. My father is a musician, so I began making songs with him when I was around the age of 6. However, the first time I really showed an interest in music was at the age of 11. I had discovered an old keyboard stored away in my basement and started playing songs for fun. Piano is now my favourite instrument to play and I use it to make the majority of my songs!

TCK: What inspires you?

TC: Everything! With every sound and every situation, there's a story to be written and a song to go with it. I’ve created songs from personal experiences as a way to vent, and to express myself through the form of music. I’ve also made songs inspired by sounds I’ve heard: for example, the low hum of a vacuum cleaner once inspired me to create a symphony of strings.

TCK: Which singer/songwriter inspires you the most?

TC: Adele is definitely an artist who largely inspires me to try to write with more passion. I love to listen to her songs and replicate the emotion she applies in her pieces to mine. Singing her songs has also improved my singing and my songwriting abilities. As well, I just love playing her songs on the piano for fun!

TCK: What are you working on right now?

TC: I am also currently working on completing my album. It’s a 10 song album and I only have 2 more songs to write and produce. This will be my very first album, so I am extremely excited!

TCK: Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

TC: In 5 years I hope to see myself as a successful singer/songwriter, touring and playing my music around the world! Maybe even get some instrumental lessons as I have never been professionally trained or taught. 10 years from now, as a successful singer/songwriter, I would love to write songs and music for other famous artists...maybe even produce a broadway musical.

TCK: What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

TC: My father often helps me edit my songs, especially when I’m stuck. Whenever I’m struggling with a piece he tells me: “Go with your gut.” I have a habit of second guessing myself, so this piece of advice has really helped me allow my creativity to flow and helped me feel more comfortable when following my instincts.

TCK: What’s something you know now, that you wish you knew when you first started to make music?

TC: There are no limits to music. When I first began music, I limited myself to certain genres and sounds, but now I know that you need to experiment with music to find your “sound.” When I started to try other styles and incorporate new things in my songs, I learned more and improved my knowledge of music. Some of my most catchy songs were made this way!

TCK: Is there any advice you would want to give to young, upcoming musicians like yourself?

TC: Don’t Stop! It’s very simple advice, but the more you work on music the more it will improve. Anyone can write a song, but it's the time you put into that song and whether it influences others that makes it stand out.


For any young singer/songwriters or artists in general who want to make their passion into a full-time career, remember Tehya’s advice. The advice that her dad gave her was “Go with your gut,” this was because Tehya often second-guessed herself. This will apply to many young artists who doubt themselves. Chances are, your gut feeling is what you want to do, and maybe the correct option.

Do not limit yourself and do not stop, this is also what she says she lives by. Young artists, try not to limit yourself to one genre until you have found your sound, try to use different types of sounds and incorporate that into your music. Tehya has shown her optimism and her hard-working attitude. Her perspective is one all young artists can look up to and follow ethics.

If you would like to support Tehya Castro, all of her music is curently on her YouTube channel, "TEHYA," or you can search for "Tehya Castro." TCK would liket ot thank Tehya for her time with us and wish her all the best in her musical career.


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