Meet Expressive Artist Facilitator, Karin Foulds!

A painter who meditates and practices mindfulness, Karin is a graduate of The CREATE Institute. She plays with others to explore what is possible through the arts with a beginner's mind.

Although Karin is an active artist this was not always so…As a young woman she attended the Ontario College of Art where she built her conceptual and practical skills as an artist. And then, art took a long pause…life moved fast and forward…it was busy!

It really seemed like a blink, and then fast became slower, and forward inched back and in a time of crisis Karin picked up her paints again…and it felt better than good. In her mid-50’s she headed back to school. At the Create Institute (The Centre for Expressive Arts Therapy Education) she finally found a true sense of joy in her own art making by not being perfect! She discovered that co-creating with others, and encouraging wonder in artmaking, provided a safe way to embrace imperfections that brings about real creative engagement in oneself and others.

As an older adult herself, Karin has learned to celebrate the wisdom that comes with life experience and promotes the importance of sharing this exchange of knowledge lovingly, with youth, elders and the community at large.

She is delighted to work with TCK Charity to create, make and share art and legacy.

Samples of Karin's Work:


Bone on Fabric:

Bone on Fabric in Box:

Organic Form on Beach:

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