Love is Love

Love, acceptance, and inclusivity. Those three words drive me as a person and as a parent. If I were to create a tagline or a hashtag for how I live my life or how I parent, it would be #loveacceptanceinclusivity. From the first day out of the womb, Charlie has been told that love is love. That we are all beautiful and unique and should be celebrated. That giving love and getting love should be the number one priority. As a toddler, Charlie didn’t question anything, just accepted. As she’s been getting older, there have been more questions but more around other’s behaviours. Charlie is the first to tell you that anyone can love anyone, because love is love. She doesn’t understand why anyone wouldn’t be okay with that. Out of all of the conversations we’ve had, those tend to be the most difficult. It’s hard explaining to a six-year-old, the behaviour and lack of acceptance of adults. I always end those conversations by telling her that we will just need to share just a little bit more love and acceptance, and work on making the world more inclusive together.

Being allies is extremely important to us in this home. That’s why we celebrate Pride month a little more than we do anything else. We reread some of our favourite books, like And Tango Makes Three by Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson. We fill our home with rainbows. And we have conversations. We celebrate love, acceptance, and inclusivity in June, just a little bit extra than we already do every other month.

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