Charlie's Love Door

Some of my favourite memories from my childhood stem from the magic my Mother put into holidays for her children. We celebrated each special day as if it were the most important day of the year. Every Easter, we had bunny footprints leading us to our carefully crafted chocolate baskets and egg hunt. Each Canada Day was spent at community events, ending with sparklers and us on a blanket watching the celebratory fireworks. Possibly my favourite holiday was Valentine’s Day because it fell in a cold, dreary month, and symbolized love. Love is such a gift to be able to give and receive. So, as per my Mother’s tradition, I have passed this love for celebrating each and every moment onto my own daughter. We celebrate each holiday as if it were the most important day of the year. I now understand why my mother did it. The joy and excitement I see when my daughter has these experiences is unlike any other.

This year, we tried something new for Valentine’s Day – a love door. Charlie, my daughter, is at that special age where she reads anything she can get her hands on, so this was the perfect year for this. For the entire month of February her bedroom door is decorated with hearts. Each night, my husband or myself write something we love about her, from her kindness to her insane Monopoly skills, and we tape it to her door. I wasn’t sure how this would go at first, but after the first night I knew that this was better than just gifting her chocolate. The morning after Charlie’s first heart was put up, she was inspired to surprise me with my very own love door! She created a sign and some hearts for my bedroom door (with the help of her father) and worked on this for over an hour, just to show me the same love that she felt upon seeing her own door. As I mentioned earlier, receiving love is just as important as giving, and Charlie was giving it tenfold.

If anyone is looking for a sweet, thoughtful activity for Valentine’s Day, I recommend the love door. I also think that this activity is one that we will be repeating again prior to the next Valentine’s Day. Perhaps, a birthday love door?

Charlie's Love Door

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