Our Mental Health Program focuses on the importance of expressing our emotions and confiding in people that we trust. These scripts provide students with tools to help them foster and maintain a healthy state of mind. The intermediate program encourages children to identify and talk openly about their emotions, and to work together to solve their problems. The senior program addresses depression and self-esteem issues. The first script helps students understand the causes and symptoms of depression, and emphasizes the importance of sharing your feelings with someone you trust. The second script recognizes that growing up can be tough on a young person’s self-esteem, and encourages students to focus on what they love about themselves!


Presentation & Interactive Running Time: 35 Minutes – (2) Show Program

  • “Feelings Are Important”– Mel and Brenda are assigned a school project about ‘feelings’. With a bit of coaxing from Brenda, Mel shares her finished project- a fun song about sharing your feelings with someone you trust! The two friends are reminded that they always have each other to talk to.
  • “What’s the Problem?”– Brenda and Clare buy a video game together, and an argument ensues over who the game actually belongs to. Clare’s brother, John, guides her through the problem-solving process, and the two friends work together to find a compromise.

Featured Characters: Melody James, Brenda Dubrowski, Clare Sanchez, John Sanchez


Presentation & Interactive Running Time: 35 Minutes – (2) Show Program

  • “The Counselling Game”– Mel and Brenda play a game of ‘counselling’, but they are a little confused about what actually happens in a counselling session. Mel’s brother, Shaun, overhears the game and shares some insight with his sister. Shaun talks about his experience with depression, and how sharing his feelings with his counsellor helps him improve his mental health.
  • “Food for Thought”– John and Joanne order a pizza in the food court at the local mall. Joanne accidentally drops the pizza and berates herself with negative self-talk. John gives Joanne a pep-talk, and reminds her of all the things that make her great! John and Joanne discuss the importance of confiding in a mentor, and how one caring friend or adult can make a big difference in a young person’s life.

Featured Characters: Melody James, Brenda Dubrowski, Shaun James, John Sanchez, Joanne Spinoza


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