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Duration: 4 weeks

Location: Virtual via Zoom

Facilitator: TBD

Start Date: February 3, 2021

Register Before: January 8, 2021

Recommended Ages: 5+

Cost: $99

Scholarships Available

Supplies: Included

 This program is a 4-week arts based program wherein children and their caregivers will have the opportunity to work in tandem and co-create a new art project each week. The emphasis for this program will be the usage of art as an equalizer between parent and child, so parents are not necessarily guiding the children in their creative endeavors; rather, they will be working together to create beautiful art without the focus of perfection interfering with the goal of enjoyment. 

Objective: To bring the caregiver and child closer to each other through the co-creative artistic process, and to give them a reprieve from the rigidity of daily life by allowing for open and rule-free creation through exploration. 


“Even though interventions offered to [caregiver-child] dyads appear more and more popular, the benefits of such approaches are still poorly documented. The results [of a 2010 study], using a phenomenological approach, demonstrated the following positive results: 

  • Strengthening of the relationship by promoting empathy between partners; 

  • Modifying their representational experience of the other; and 

  • Treating conflicts in a more adaptive way. 


The study also resulted in these findings: 

“This therapeutic approach,” meaning co-creation of art between the caregiver and the child, “responded well to the need of having a protected space from all the demands of everyday life, a space favourable to intimacy and the pleasure of having a privileged moment between parent and child…” 

This approach created “a space allowing members of the dyad to rediscover the pleasure of complicity between them to the point where their desire is to change their time organization in ways to maintain these moments together,” and a space that creates “a playful atmosphere”. 

What's included in your kit?

  • All of the supplies needed for the program.

  • Admission for you and your child to attend our private zoom workshop

How do I get my kit?

Your kit will be shipped to your front door with all of the supplies that you will need to participate in the mom + me program. 

How do I access the virtual workshop?

TCK hosts our virtual workshops on Zoom.  A few days before your workshop, we will send you a secure link with a password to access the workshop.  Doing this allows us to keep everyone safe.

Curriculum at a Glance

This winter, we will facilitate a series that will include making photo frames, designing remembrance collages, building a puppet out of the mystery bag and writing gratitude letters.