Manraj Chauhan's
Giving Tuesday Gift Matching Campaign

My name is Manraj Chauhan and I am a Board Member within The Concerned Kids (TCK), which is an organization that strives to educate young people through the use of creative puppetry to give them the tools and confidence they need to make smarter and kinder choices in all areas of their lives. As a young person growing up in the neighbouring regions of Toronto, I often found it very difficult to grasp and navigate the ever-changing world around me. To some extent, I felt isolated, unsupported and had a difficult time sharing these feelings not only with my teachers but my parents as well. I felt that my problems were entirely unique and that no one would be able to understand or relate to them. I was fortunate that I had eventually found the support system that I desperately needed and today I am a better person for it. 


When I think about the challenges I faced as a young person, I often wonder how the young people of today are navigating those very same issues. I didn’t have to worry about the pressures of social media or cyber bullying when I was a child. If somebody at school called me an inappropriate name, it wasn’t there on my computer screen for me and my peers to see at all hours of the day. The feelings I had were not unique, however I do recognize the young people of today are facing additional challenges and that is why I chose to be involved with TCK given their mission had resonated with me on a personal level. 

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