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Educating with heART- Exploring wellness and amplifying voices through accessible and adaptive art experiences for people of all ages. 


Creatability is a 6-week arts and wellness program for children and children at heart. This unique program is rooted in therapeutic art principles and focuses on exploring mental and emotional health through creative arts. 


Each session teaches the participants a new artistic coping strategy to manage stress while increasing their confidence through skill-building and artistic expression. 


By attending the program, participants gain self-confidence, artistic skills, deepen their understanding of wellness, and develop strategies for managing their mental health.



The Children’s Puppetry Project provides children with the ability to create, develop, and perform their own stories through puppetry performance. 


Over a 6-week period, children attend a weekly 1-hour workshop that combines puppetry, storytelling, and arts and crafts to help bring their own stories and ideas to life. The children create puppets, comic book strips, costumes, and sets, to develop a short skit or play that tells their story.


At the end of the six weeks, the children celebrate their skills and creations by performing in a showcase to their peers and caregivers.