Third-Party Fundraising

What are third-party events?

A third party event is a fundraising initiative brought forward by an individual, community group, service club or business external to The Concerned Kids that wishes to raise money through a planned activity that is designed, managed and financially resourced by the external participants.



Fundraising Opportunities

There are two types of fundraising opportunities. First, a group or individual can host an event and make The Concerned Kids the beneficiary. For example, an organization hosts a golf tournament and gives The Concerned Kids a cheque for the proceeds.


Another way to raise funds to benefit The Concerned Kids is by “piggybacking” on an existing event. Simply add a third-party fundraising element and receive donations produced from that element. For example, a company has an annual party and asks its employees to make a financial or perishable food donation to The Concerned Kids. 


Before you get started

Before you start planning your event, please take a few minutes to review the Fundraising Guidelines. If, after having read the Guidelines, you and/or your group feel that hosting an event for The Concerned Kids would be a mutually beneficial endeavour, we’d love to hear from you. Please read the Third Party Fundraising Toolkit and complete the Application.

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Download the third-party toolkit to get started with your fundraising.