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Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to be mindful of the things around you that make you happy! It's important for us to remember the things that bring us joy, and doing so actually has some incredible health benefits!

To enter to win a free gratitude journal, please complete the following form.  Winners will be chosen at the end of November and will be notified by email.

Journey of life.


I’m taking you on an adventure.

But there is no need to pack,

You will not need a map, for there is  no set track.


We will scratch our knees climbing mountains.


Meet monsters that will have us plead, and others with a sweet disguise.


Endure the toughest of storms, while the currents ahead will rise.


We may find ourselves in the belly of the beast, or singing a beautiful song.


For yes, this journey shall be frightening, but we will also find delight as we go along.


Once we rise up to the mountains we will find its admirable view. You will notice how the once big things now seem so little to you.


You will now know of all the monster’s tactics and will recognize the footsteps they leave.


Currents will not be so hard to take on, for you’ve learned how to adjust your sails.


This voyage will teach you things, even when you do not want to know. It will show one who they are, and what they need to grow. You will meet those who show you what it is to be at home. Find places you’ll never want to leave, the places you see in your wildest of dreams.


This excursion comes only once, it’s name you ask? Well my dear, it is what we call the journey of life and we are so glad you are here.


-Emily Mia, 13

Art By Kids

Desmond, 8

Ethan, 10

Ethan, 10

Avlea, 5


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Cyber Bullying

Over the past few months, many of us have been spending more time online. Whether it’s chatting with our grandparents, connecting with our friends, or doing our schoolwork, we have all changed the way we interact with people. Staying in touch with our friends online can be lots of fun, but it is important to ensure we are always treating people with kindness and respect.


We must keep in mind that just because we’re not seeing people in person, what we say or type affects them. Keep Reading...

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We are looking for some amazing kids to join our Youth Ambassador program.

The Concerned Kids Charity is looking for 20 young people to join our Youth Ambassador program.  Youth Ambassadors play an important role at The Concerned Kids.  As a youth ambassador you will receive a free registration to a program of your choice, free promotional materials, be the first to see our new shows and become a brand ambassador.

Teacher Feature

Is your teacher amazing?  Would you like for us to feature them in our magazine?  Send us an email to about your teacher and they may be featured in the next Funspolsion.

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