COVID-19 & In-School Performances with TCK

Your children’s safety is our first priority. We want parents and teachers to rest assured that we take every precaution to ensure the safety of children, students, teachers, parents, and our performers.

TCK’s In-school performances are a safe way to bring learning and fun together again in our schools. Our puppets, stages and props are sanitized before and after every performance, and we have eliminated any direct interaction between the students and puppets or performers. Our performers maintain 6-feet of distance between themselves and students and/or teachers at all times, they wear protective masks from the moment they arrive on school property until they leave, and they are following every government protocol that keeps us all safe. 

COVID-19 has been hardest on children as they adapt to a new reality. Limited opportunities to engage in entertaining extracurricular activities have all but disappeared. However, TCK’s performances can help bring learning to life again safely in our schools.

You can book a performance with confidence HERE.


-The TCK Family