Sponsorship Opportunity

Air Guitar is a global phenomenon centred on the ideology of world peace. The mantra: ‘When you are holding an Air Guitar, you can’t be holding a gun’. The originators posited – ‘What if everyone around the world was to collectively play air guitar?’ It was surmised that wars would end, peak joy would be achieved, and the human race would instantly be saved from destruction. The practical take: Let’s rock out for a good cause and raise money for The Concerned Kids.

Air Guitar Canada has selected The Concerned Kids as their charity partner for the 2022 event. Donations will be collected through ticket sales sales and the “Boost the Ballot” system at live events, which allows those in attendance to vote with their dollars for their favourite face-melting song in the final round. All funds raised through the Air Guitar Canada event will be used to provide programming for the community to educates children about important social issues through the uniquely engaging art of puppetry to empowers young people to make smarter and kinder choices in all areas of their lives.

You can support The Concerned Kids by sponsoring the Air Guitar Canada Event. For more information about Air Guitar Canada and available sponsorship opportunities download our sponsorship package today.