All kids have the tools to end bullying.



Give children lifelong tools to end bullying and change our communities through immersive, arts-inspired education and entertainment

What We Do

TCK educates children about important social issues through the uniquely engaging art of puppetry and empowers young people to make smarter and kinder choices in all areas of their lives. The Concerned Kids strives to support schools and communities in fostering safe and healthy environments where children are free to learn, live and play.


Since 1989, TCK has been using interactive puppet performances to educate elementary school-aged children about serious and sensitive social issues that affect their daily lives.  We have an inventory of 60+ life-sized puppets that represent a diverse group of ethnicities, abilities, and gender expressions, proudly reflecting Toronto’s multiculturalism.  Our programs deal with a variety of important issues including bullying, consent, physical safety, autism awareness, mental health awareness, peer pressure, and substance abuse, as well as cyberbullying, gender expression, and family diversity.


We also offer a variety of virtual programs to keep kids connected from the comfort and safety of their home,  In the summer of 2020, we reached more than 30,000 children across the GTA.  Our programs are immersive, The children participate along with our facilitators.


Our goal is to arm students with the necessary skills for healthy social development, and to empower young people to fulfill their potential as successful and contributing adults. Our programs are designed to support and inspire children to lead healthy, active lives. .

Financial Information

The Concerned Kids (TCK) is a registered charity.  At The Concerned Kids we recognize the importance when individuals are concerned about how non-profit organizations use their contributions. That is why we make a commitment to financial accountability in managing the funds that you entrust to us.  TCK is fully committed to being transparent in its accounting practices. We are grateful to our many stakeholders for their support and want to thank you for your generosity.  Our financial statements are audited annually by an independent Canadian accounting firm.  Our complete audited financial statements are available to our supporters and to the public to the link below, or by calling 416-636-1656.  An abridged version is available in our Annual Report.


The Concerned Kids educates elementary school-aged children about serious and sensitive subject matter, faced on a daily basis. Through the uniquely engaging art of interactive puppetry, young students are empowered to make kinder and informed choices, thus helping our schools and communities to become a safer place to live, learn and play.


This charitable organization began in Toronto in 1988 (incorporated by January 1989) as a recognized need by educators and community groups to reach children in a creative way with effective messages concerning HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse.

Four women knew that through experiential puppet performances they would be able to reach students through the use of this non-threatening media of interactive puppetry. Young people become enthralled when puppets speak…the more senses that are engaged, the more likely that the information will be retained.


The charity’s puppet performances are presented by volunteer and professional puppeteers who have undergone 36 hours of extensive training & rehearsals in a style of Bunraku puppetry. The puppets allow for a non-threatening manner of engagement in a factual, unbiased, entertaining way that helps to build problem-solving abilities, learning alternatives to bad or unsafe behaviour (right from wrong) and teaches students to act with kindness and respect.


The charity’s program roster has addressed serious and sensitive subject matter on topics of HIV/AIDS; bereavement; multiculturalism; bullying & school safety; alternatives to gangs, violence & prejudice; and peer pressure & substance abuse.


Our community-based Volunteer Board of Directors was formed in June 1990. The Board of Directors, staff, puppeteers, and puppets reflect the ethnocultural mix of the student population being addressed.