It made me sad when they were fighting.

I wish Brenda and Anna were not fighting.

It made me happy when the brother’s problems were solved.

I wish the girl went to a guidance counselor so she knows what to do if she becomes one.

Grade 2 Students

Today I learned that if you have a problem talk to someone you trust

Grade 3 Students

Today I learned that it’s never okay to judge anyone by their outside

I learned today, when you’re sad or mad go see a counsellor

I wish everyone will try not to bully

I know it is okay to say “NO” when someone is bullying you or someone else

I learned about depression and ADHD and friendship. I enjoyed the part where Brenda and Melody fixed their problems

I learned what ADHD is and that if you’re feeling sad or depressed for a long time you can go see a counsellor to talk about your feelings. The most important part was at the end of the program when the two friends solved the problem

I learned that Paul only drank because he thought it was cool, but it is lame. Also I learned it is very dangerous to drink and do drugs under age because it is very harmful. The most important part was when Eric gave Paul the card for the Youth Centre counsellor. The best part was when they though Joanne how to resist Paul at the dance because she didn’t go to his party because there were drugs and alcohol.

I learned never to take any types of drugs, even if my friends are doing it, because it could really damage your body and it can make you hear and see things. Just because it would make you look cool does not mean you should smoke, drink or take drugs. You should never take drugs not matter what. Now I know what drugs do to your body and I will never take any type of drug.

Grade 4 Students

I learned that even if your friends say something is cool and you don’t think it is the right thing, to try just say NO. I think the most important part was when Eric was explaining that he was having peer pressure from his friends so he started taking drugs and then learned it was really bad for you. So even if your friends say it is cool, it might not be the right decision for you. I think the best part was when Joanne kept freaking out about the things Eric was telling her about Paul.

Grade 5 Students