I liked that you gave the children the chance to solve bullying problems – for them to own their power! Great concept! The three parts – excellent idea.

Rose Avenue Junior PS

The performance with the puppets was very inviting and the children felt empowered to make suggestions about how to make their school safe. Reporting was a powerful concept for the students to understand. The focus on not using Violence and that it doesn’t solve problems, but that we need to get involved is an important concept, but they don’t usually understand how to do this. The hardest concept to teach and reinforce is “walking away”, as well as how we become by-standers and reinforce the violence. With primary children, they don’t realize they are bullies, mostly they are re-acting to being excluded or not getting their way and often have poor social skills. They are often excluded because they don’t share, are bossy and hurtful with others when they don’t get their way. 

Liga Miklasevics, Principal, Victoria Village PS

Topics kids relate to / voice were loud and lots of expression / puppets were great; costumes; movements / repetition of students questions and answers so everyone could “hear” and not have a void (from a quiet voice) / used kid common language.

Nisker, Classroom Teacher, Victoria Village PS

Students are captivated by the puppets and therefore are very attentive. Encouraging student interaction and direct involvement. Puppeteers were very attentive to student questions and making students feel like part of program.

Teacher, Perth Avenue PS

The students really related to the puppets. It was connected to some of our other initiatives this year. The message was excellent.

Mrs. Pinsky, Teacher, Glen Shields PS

I am appreciative of how you allow the students to become active participants in the play by allowing them to ask and answer questions. Excellent job! How valuable your messages are to our students. Maybe [we will see] some changes in the behaviour of some of our students who need extra emotional and behavioural support. Thank you! The songs will be included in our Character Education Program.

Lauri Anne Kibiuk, Librarian, Ledbury Park EMS

When the presenters interacted with the audience and kept them engaged. The topics were clear. Puppets were a great way to keep students engaged. Good performance overall! The messages were clear. And the students learned how to deal with bullying and being nice to others.

Kiriakou, JK/SK Teacher, Ledbury Park EMS

I liked the important social issues discussed such as smoking, stress, depression, etc., through the use of puppetry.

The acting was very well performed and very easy to follow along for the grade level.

Linda, Grade 5 Teacher, Charles H. Best PS

The subject matter was delivered in an approachable manner even though it is serious. More animated voices and character interactions kept students’ attention.

Samuel Scully, Music Teacher, Charles H. Best PS

Entertaining b/c puppetry is not seen often in presentations. Smart to use puppets to educate + send positive messages b/c reminiscent of younger kids shows i.e. Sesame Street that did the same – educate + send positive messages – kids may connect to that + messages may have more impact. I also liked the realistic scenarios.

Dunn, Teacher, Morning Glory PS

High energy, animated voices, opportunity for questions. Kids were highly engaged and able to relate to the problems encountered.

Lynn McPhail, Grade 3 – 4 Teacher, Morning Glory PS

I admired the energy of the performers. They maintained the attention of ALL the students for the whole show. I also appreciated the performers’ attempts to answer all of the students’ questions. Great presentation that demonstrated applicable issues and offered appropriated solutions.

Kirby Johnson, OT, Morning Glory PS

Simple clear message for children & practice saying STOP; situation in puppet show mirrors experiences of kindergarteners’ encounter; we will be drawing pictures and writing in our journals immediately following the performance & sharing our personal experiences with each other.

Susan Yotis, K. Teacher, West Preparatory PS

Size of puppets easy for students to relate to & see from far away. Character voices & mannerism were child-like relatable. Vocab & Language = Appropriate. It can be difficult, developmentally, for Grade 1’s to apply concepts to their own lives. Role play, not just role modelling, is necessary for students to apply & understand the strategies.

Ustianov, Grade 1 Teacher, West Prep. PS

I really liked the messages portrayed about peer pressure. The Executive Director’s [personal] story was very powerful and I feel it reached the students and got them thinking. I feel her story made a difference.

Ximena Pazmino, Occasional Teacher, Fairbank PS

Voice projections of the presenters I liked most and how they always said “My friends”; I also liked Eddy who likes spaghetti and the “Super Buster” suit. I liked the 3 parts of the show with break in between.

Maureen Fenton, Physical Education Teacher, Indian Road Crescent PS

It was presented in a way that engaged the kindergarteners. The message was easy to understand and the presentation was interactive, entertaining, and informative. Excellent!

Shauna Connelly, FDK, St. Rene Goupil – St. Luke Elementary School

Audience involvement was great, allowing students to share ideas and educate their fellow students was well done!

Johnston, Occasional Teacher, Morrish PS

Excellent puppets + performance. The end point “using our words not fists”, that point was spot on!

Hawley Carmichael, RECE, Crescent Town Public School

Performers engaged students + went down to their level (knees) to accept all answers.

Marianne Teuscher-Ozdundar, RECE, Crescent Town PS

The new topics and activities are very relevant to the needs of the school community.

Sherryann Ambrose, Principal, St. Martha CS

I enjoyed the involvement that the students displayed when they were given the opportunity to share their thoughts. The performance “What’s the Problem” related to the types of issues between friends that happen at this age (grade 4 & 5). Students were excited and engaged. “The Counseling Game” touched on the growing health issues – creating awareness at this age is a great start. The performances were enjoyable & engaging.

Grace Gallon, Classroom Teacher, St. Martha CS

More Educator Comments:

Grade 7/8:Understanding Consent Program. It was relevant to the students and they could relate. It also reinforced the importance of dialogue (communication). Some of the students will or are already in similar situations. The students responded very well to script (nobody was being foolish or immature). Excellent presenters/acting.“

Grade 6: I liked how you demonstrated the conversations between Mom & daughter, friend to friend & boyfriend to girlfriend. Excellent discussion about consent after the presentation. Puppets make an uncomfortable conversation more comfortable for students.”

Grade 4/5: I like how the characters were relatable to the students. The dialogue was at their level. Students were enjoying the performance. Quite serious, but important subject matter. Many students here put pressure on themselves and related to the subject. Students asked questions and enjoyed having them answered by the characters.”

Grade 2/3: Everything was excellent! Understanding Consent program is one of the best presentations I’ve seen in my 18 years of teaching!”

Grade 1:Entertaining, but clearly communicated message for students of this age. Audience participation. Step by step strategies that this age level can relate to. Realistic situations presented…For example, getting separated from adult is very common or talking to strangers. Great skits. Excellent timing. Each one was long enough to maintain attention of the age level.”

Kindergarten: The puppets, and friendship pledge – great idea, great use of a variety of types of puppets – students can relate. Great job performing. Appropriate length for presentation. Students can relate to what the presentation is about, making friends/being a friend.”