Our new Vandalism and Graffiti Prevention Program promotes community pride and respect for public and private property. Students will learn about the negative effects of vandalism and the possible consequences of defacing school property. This presentation empowers young people to stand up to peer pressure and to work together to make their school communities safe and happy places to be!


Presentation & Interactive Running Time: 45 Minutes – (1) Show Program with three separate themes

“The Writing on the Wall”– Eddy writes a poem on the wall of his school, and can’t wait to show it to his friend, Mel. Mel is unimpressed, and explains to Eddy that writing on the wall is against school rules. Eddy doesn’t get it- until the wall itself comes to life to share its point of view! In the next scene, Brian and Anna are in the library after school. Anna complains that she is being ‘unfairly sentenced to detention’ for drawing on her locker. Brian reminds Anna that his dad is the school caretaker responsible for cleaning up graffiti, and Anna realizes the consequences of her actions. In the end, all the characters come together to make the school a ‘Vandalism Free Zone’!


Featured Characters: Eddy Franklin, Melody James, Wallace Brickton, Anna Perry, Brian McDaniel

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