Our new Understanding Consent Program introduces students to the concept of consent and emphasizes the importance respecting each other’s physical boundaries by presenting relatable, age-appropriate scenarios for both junior and senior audiences.



Presentation & Interactive Running Time: 35 Minutes – (1) Show Program


“Just Joking Around”– Paul has a crush on Clare but doesn’t know how to talk to her, so he expresses his feelings by teasing her and pulling her hair. Clare is uncomfortable with Paul’s behaviour and doesn’t understand his motivations. She confides in her older brother John, who assures her that she always has the right to speak up if someone makes her uncomfortable. Paul has a talk with his basketball coach, Shaun, who tells him that he needs to respect Clare’s personal space and use his words to express his feelings.

Featured Characters: Clare Sanchez, Paul Worthington, John Sanchez, & Shaun James



Presentation & Interactive Running Time: 45 Minutes – (1) Show Program


“Getting Butterflies”– Joanne and Shaun have been going out for a few weeks and they like each other a lot. Joanne enjoys spending time with Shaun, but she gets uncomfortable when he tries to kiss her. Joanne has a talk with her mom, who explains that in a healthy relationship, both partners need to feel comfortable and safe at all times. Shaun talks to his friend John, who tells him that he should have asked for consent before kissing Joanne, and teaches him about the importance of open communication.

Featured Characters: Joanne Spinoza, Shaun James, Mrs. Spinoza, & John Sanchez


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