Our new Safety Lessons Program provides children with important safety strategies in a fun and engaging interactive performance. Students will learn what to do if they get lost, how to stay safe around strangers and how to call 911 in an emergency.



Presentation & Interactive Running Time: 30 Minutes – (3) Show Program


Sammy the Safety Dragon

“Getting Lost”– Nam gets separated from his mom at the mall, but his friend Sammy the Safety Dragon flies in to remind him of the steps he should take to get back to his mom safely.

“Stranger Danger”– Mel and Brian are playing a game of Little Red Riding Hood, but the story takes a new direction when Mel gives the Big Bad Wolf a lesson on staying safe around strangers.

“Calling 911”– Anna drops her sandwich on the ground and insists on calling 911 to get help. Jason explains that calling 911 is only for emergencies, and the friends play a game with the audience to help them identify real emergency situations from sandwich emergencies!

Featured Characters: Nam Nguyen, Sammy the Safety Dragon, Melody James, Brian McDaniel, Anna Perry, Jason Robinson


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