Peer Pressure Picture - Puppets

Our Peer Pressure and Substance Abuse Program was designed as a drug prevention program to address the concerns associated with young people using illegal substances.  This educational program is targeted towards older elementary level students, and discusses peer pressure, communication skills, and the physical effects of drugs and alcohol. Through this program, children learn about substance abuse and its effects on the body as well as the necessary skills to help make healthy choices. This program has three scripts that follow the story of a group of youth and their individual experiences with peer pressure and substance abuse.




Presentation & Interactive Running Time: 45 Minutes – (3) Show Program

  • “Starting Over” – The first script focuses on the effects of gateway drugs, the legality of drugs and alcohol, and the consequences of abusing drugs and alcohol.
  • “Making the Right Choices”- The second script is designed to assist students with problem-solving skills and learning how to avoid situations where peer pressure may be difficult to resist.
  • “Helping a Friend”- The third script explores why a person may choose to use substances, where to go for help, and alternatives to drug use.

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