Brittney Bully show

Our Bullying Prevention Program helps students identify bullying situations and offers strategies to help them stand up for themselves and others. We explore the importance of expressing our feelings, talking about our problems and working together to resolve disagreements in a constructive and considerate way. Our goal is to educate children about the issue of bullying; to promote sensitivity toward peers; and to provide strategies to help children cope with or avoid bullying situations. We have a NEW SCRIPT, targeted towards an older youth audience, addressing the issue of CYBERBULLYING. As children spend more time online and on their smart phones without supervision, the rates of harassment and bullying on social media are rapidly increasing. Our goal with this new program is to educate students about the serious consequences of cyberbullying, and to help them understand that their words can hurt, even through a screen.



Presentation & Interactive Running Time: 30 Minutes – (2) Show Program

  • “The Friendship Rhyme”- Brenda is very upset because some kids have been calling her names. She turns to her friend Nam for support, but he isn’t careful with the words he uses and he upsets Brenda even further. After working out their conflict, the pair recite ‘The Friendship Rhyme’ with the audience, to remind everyone about what it means to be a good friend.
  • “Feeling Safe at School”– Eddy comes up with a plan to protect himself from bullies- a home-made safety suit with a spaghetti strainer as a helmet! Eddy’s friend Mel helps him come up with some better ways to protect himself on the playground, and teaches him how to set a good example for his peers.

Featured Characters: Nam Ngyen, Brenda Dubrowski, Melody James, Eddy Franklin


Presentation & Interactive Running Time: 35 Minutes – (2) Show Program

  • “Bully Buster Life Lessons”– Jason is having a problem with a bully at school, so his friend Mel suggests role-playing as a way to help him practice standing up for himself.
  • “You’re Not the Boss of Me!”– Eddy is being bullied at school and doesn’t know what to do about it. As a result, he begins to display his own bullying behaviour, and winds up making a very bad decision. Eddy’s friend Clare helps him come up with an action plan, and Eddy learns the importance of talking about your feelings with someone you trust.

Featured Characters: Clare Sanchez, Melody James, Eddy Franklin


Presentation & Interactive Running Time: 45 Minutes – (1) Show Program

  • “Cyberspace Odyssey”– Nam thoughtlessly posts a hurtful message on an online forum. That night, he is visited by a mysterious friend who takes him on a fantastic journey through time. Nam witnesses the effect his words have on someone he cares about, and he is forced to take responsibility for his actions. Nam learns that hurtful words are no less damaging when written on social media, and that his online actions can have dire consequences.

Featured Characters: Nam Nguyen, Cybra, Mrs. Brady, Clare Sanchez, Future Nam

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