Brittney Bully showOur Anti-Bullying Program helps students identify bullying situations and offers strategies for standing up for themselves and others. We explore the importance of expressing our feelings, talking about our problems and working together to resolve disagreements in a constructive and considerate way. Our goal is to educate children about the issues of bullying, promote sensitivity toward peers, and to provide strategies to help children cope with or avoid bad situations. This year we have added a NEW SCRIPT to our bullying program, targeted towards an older youth audience regarding the issues of CYBER-BULLYING. As children spend more time online and on their smart phones without supervision, the rates of harassment and bullying on social media are rapidly increasing. Our goal is to educate students about the serious consequences of cyber-bullying, and to help them understand that their words can hurt even through a screen.  Our Anti-Bullying Program has Three Age Appropriate Divisions:




Presentation & Interactive Running Time: 30 Minutes – (2) Show Program

  • “The Friendship Rhyme” – The puppets talk about name-calling and how our words can be hurtful even if it seems like a joke. The puppets recite “The Friendship Rhyme” with the audience to remind everyone about what can be done to be better friend. The script involves audience participation to assist in finding solutions to teasing and name calling.
  • “Feeling Safe at School” – The puppets address having good manners on the playground and the importance of “setting a good example”. This program includes age appropriate songs that includes audience participation.


Presentation & Interactive Running Time: 35 Minutes – (2) Show Program

  • “Bully Buster Life Lessons” – The puppets address ways in which children who witness teasing or acts of bullying can respond to help diffuse the situation – Not be a Bystander / Role Playing / Standing up to the Bully / Rejecting bullying Behaviour and the importance of helping someone else out of a bad situation.
  • “You’re Not the Boss of Me!”- The puppets learn that finding someone to talk to about a bully situation is more constructive than taking their frustrations out on one another. They discover that bullying is a problem that can ONLY BE SOLVED if everyone works together.


Presentation & Interactive Running Time: 45 Minutes – (1) Show Program

  • “Cyberspace Odyssey” – This program is specifically geared towards older children to address the issue of cyber-bullying. After thoughtlessly posting a hurtful message on an online forum, our main character, “Nam” is taken on a fantastic journey through time, during which he learns that hurtful words are no less damaging when written on social media, and that his online actions can have dire consequences.

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