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Our new Accepting Differences Program encourages students to respect and embrace each other’s unique abilities. The scripts explore some of the ways that people can be different, providing examples of physical differences (visual impairment and cerebral palsy), learning differences (ADHD) and developmental differences (autism). Students will discover that everyone has different strengths and challenges, and that we all have our own ways of learning and achieving our goals.



Presentation & Interactive Running Time: 35 Minutes – (2) Show Program

“SHHH!”– Brenda and Anna are working together in the library, but Anna can’t seem to pay attention. When she starts jumping on chairs and shouting to her friends, Brenda gets frustrated and confronts Anna about her behaviour. Anna explains that she has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). She talks about how ADHD affects her behaviour, and shares some of the learning strategies she uses at home and in class.

Featured Characters: Anna Perry & Brenda Dubrowski

“Campers”– Mark and some friends plan a camping trip, but they don’t invite their friend Renaldo because he is visually impaired. Renaldo finds out about the group’s plan and explains that he loves to go camping- he just has to do things a little differently! Mark, who has cerebral palsy, shares how he also adapts his camping trips to accommodate his wheelchair, and the two friends realize that they have more in common than they thought!

Featured Characters: Mark Riley & Renaldo Rodriguez



Presentation & Interactive Running Time: 45 Minutes – (1) Show Program

Christine Kontos_resized David Franklin_resized“Making New Friends”- Joanne visits Eddy’s house to work on a project. When she meets Eddy’s brother, David, Joanne is confused by his behaviour. Eddy explains that David has autism, and talks about some of the ways that David is unique. The next day, Joanne makes a new friend named Kristine, and is surprised to find out that Kristine has autism too. Kristine explains that autism is a spectrum, and it can be different for everyone who has it. In the final scene, Joanne and Eddy present a school project about autism and share their knowledge and experiences with the audience.

Featured Characters: Joanne Spinoza, Eddy Franklin, David Franklin, & Kristine Kontos


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