Thank You to our wonderful Supporters

Your generosity not only brings smiles to the faces of our young audiences, but helps to bring awareness of the subject matter being presented and empowers students to take positive action. When they raise their hands to ask questions of our puppets…sometimes they forget their question…but sometimes they come back with a most powerful comment. Their enthusiasm for the performance, however, is always obvious.

Your investment allows The Concerned Kids to present its socially relevant educational program material in a factual, unbiased, entertaining, non-threatening, child-centered way that helps to build problem solving abilities, learn alternatives to bad or unsafe behavior (right from wrong), and teach children to act with kindness, respect and how to make their communities a safer place to live, learn and play. These children are influenced by our puppet performances and will continue to be so for years to come. The Concerned Kids is an important, worthwhile charitable organization and it needs your continued commitment and support. It is hard to say “thank you” and “please” sometimes in the same breath, however your donation dollars provide a sustainable foundation and allows The Concerned Kids to fulfill its mandate.

Thank you for being concerned!