The Concerned Kids group shot

Mission Statement

The Concerned Kids educates children through the uniquely engaging art of puppetry, empowering young people to make smarter and kinder choices, and further enabling schools and communities to become a safer place to live, learn and play.

Vision Statement

We strive to deliver the highest quality programs that captivate the hearts and minds of our audiences through the compelling medium of puppetry, to inspire dialogue, spur action, and create positive change in our communities.

Program and Purpose

Leveraging the creative medium of puppetry, The Concerned Kids deliver socially relevant educational and interactive programs about serious issues such as bullying, school safety, multiculturalism, peer pressure, violence, gangs and substance abuse, to children and youth in the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area.

The specific use of puppetry as an art form establishes a non-threatening and highly engaging environment for learning. Our programs provide a rich framework of language, thought and decision making skills which encourages a dialogue between children, parents and educators to proactively address important social issues and foster happier, healthier kids who thrive.